What Inspired This Site

I Love Learning!

Well I've been working with a few folks just starting out learning PHP and they've insisted on starting right from the basics.

I've also been keeping my hand in brushing up on my Codeigniter skills and just recently ventured into the exciting world of Laravel! PHP Frameworks are great things.

But then I decided, "Why don't I try my hand at writing the simplest Blog system in the universe (well in my universe at least!)" I mean do we really need some fancy bloated wordpress script to present a few pages? Don't get me wrong, Wordpress has it's place in the world, just not in mine at the moment :)

And so, here we are. As I've rediscovered my passion for writing (which I hope includes some words of wisdom on the odd occasion) I've been messing around with this, slowly working out a few little issues, which is why we program in the first place, and hopefully putting everything I've learned on this website.

So I guess this is a venture in getting back to basics in an attempt to come up with lessons or tutorials on how to get back to my programming grass roots and crafting a thing that works!

It's actually quite challenging and even exciting and it's amazing what concepts you can grasp from having used a PHP Framework, that you can implement in such a simple site such as this.

But to be honest, I have been feeling the pain of not having a database of any kind.

The Requirements!

You know, those things you want to achieve!

Well let's really get painful here and state that we would like to have NO Admin Panel and No Database. Everything will need to be FTP'd up. See this is really really basic!

We want to keep the actual php used to generate the pages nice and simple, which in my world means "modular"!

It Must be Mobile Friendly, so that requires something like Bootstrap. There are alternatives, but I am comfortable with it.

Plain and Simple is good! If I get excited and want to jazz this up with some of my non-yet-existent CSS Skills I can. But seriously, do you want to read the super great content on here or be dazzled by design brilliance? If you answered the later, then my apologies... or in other words... Bad Luck!

Next we would want to have a main page that lists all of the articles, up to a certain number, and to only show the first x lines, with a link to view the whole article. Not a big ask, but that will present some issues we'll need to solve.

I'm kind of hoping to add in something to handle comments, and could possibly use a third party service that I can simply "Drop In" to the site. So I'll research that.

I'd like to have a way to show "Related Articles", but that is going to need some thought!

Until I can think of any more 'Requirements', that should be enough to get us started out.

Programming Tricks.

The basic trick here is to identify the "bits", we can simplify and modularize. Write it once, use in many places... or Simply put... "DRY" or "Don't Repeat Yourself" (which I just sort of did!)

We're going to be learning lots of programming tricks as we progress through this little adventure.