How To Create A Website In a Few Hours

Going back to website basics!

Well I should begin by saying, I've been putting websites together for a few years now. But the problem has been, I must have some fancy script to achieve this. So today I decided, why not go back to basics and see how long it would take me to come up with something very basic, from scratch. Just like this site.

So I created a new virtualhost on my development server and starting with a blank page on my trusty editor, started out with a simple template using bootstrap of course, and started typing away!

The Hard part of any website Design is "What do I want it to look like?"

Well instead of pouring hours into coming up with an elaborate, over the top, make any web designer burst into tears of joy, mixed with jealousy over the shear wonderfullnes of a Design, I just came up with... Simple!

So at the moment this is a 3 column design (until I change my mind), with a fixed header/navigation (because I could) and the ole footer.

And those that know me, know that I am a Database Junky, but the current incarnation of this website is just using Files! Was that a Gasp of "what the..." Well what could be simpler? Of course I have to upload any new files and hmmmm... do I have to make other changes? Well at the moment I do, BUT with the magic of some coding brilliance let's see if I can't come with something a little bit automatic.

So time to put my thinking cap on. I'm kind of happy with how this has turned out in under 2 hours. Most of that time has been spent in documenting the process.

Next Steps

I'm going to continue adding little bits and pieces to the site, just to create the appearance I am after, then I'll take those and make them Dynamic using PHP. So let's go... and I shall be back with how this was all achieved.