What to put in the sidebars?

So for reasons unknown, I've gone with two sidebars. [Update: I went back to 1 Sidebar because it got too messy.] But that begs the question..."What for?". What does one put in a sidebar anyway?

Well they are good for placing links and things to help show the visitor (You!) what is on the website so you can go clicking about the site and frowning from reading all the other junk I write.

I can put up things to direct you to other relevant websites. Yes, there are folks much more interesting than I, that have taken the time to pour their knowledge out all over the place for you to come along and soak up... Hmms kind of sounds messy... But that is what the internet is all about, mostly. Sharing knowledge. The internet is One HUGE Resource that surpasses all standard teaching methods AND with the advent of everything social and technical, you can still get one on one training from the comfort of your own home, which has it's own benefits in a lot of cases.

I mean, I did the Highschool / University thing... But by knowing how to take advantage of what is available on the internet, well you can learn almost about anything worth learning. And yes, some you have to pay for and I'm fine with that. I've spent my fair share on books and online courses and the rest... Not everything is or should be Free. But most is!

Getting back to Sidebars... They are also good for placing Advertisements both through services that pay you a few cents per view or if someone clicks on them, Or for promoting any affiliate type programs I am in. On that point, I'm probably too fussy on what I promote! So the golden rule of thumb is... Only stuff that I personally use. While that might make me poor, at least I can sleep at night.

Ok, so I took a little break from this, and went and wrote some more articles. It's what happens when you haven't written a word on any website for years... Anyway, I'm still out to lunch on what to put on these sidebars.

I guess the obvious answer is... something useful. So as I'm getting some content coming to life on here, it might be a good idea to at least show a list of articles.