How To Add New Pages

Ok so one of the problems faced by a File Based website is, how to add pages?

Well this is where the thinking cap has to come out and some thought has to put into it. At the moment we have a single index.php file that is acting as the sites "template" and it contains a lot of "includes" that pull in the appropriate files from the views folder that contains the sections of the page.

What I have at the moment is, the first article on this site (was) harcoded into the content.php file under the views folder. The vies folder is meant to house the sites static bits of the page that are included as required. But you do what you have to, to get things started.

So after some thought, I have progressed to deciding that any articles should live in their own folder. The reason for this is it's easier to look for them. If I have a routine that can search through this folder and build up a list from it, then basically I have the makings of a Dynamic navigation system for the articles.