What About Comments

Hmm, well as part of any good blog, I have put in the comments bits, but due to the nature of the site, I am not going to be enabling those any time soon. The reason being, it's got it's own set of issues to deal with. Remember that this site in its current format has NO DATABASE.

The whole how do I deal with accepting user input and policing it in a system like this can be done, ( anything can be done with a little thought) , but not until I get this thing settled down a bit more. Then I will look into it.

UPDATE: Well you might have noticed that I now have Comments. Facebook ones in fact!

While it saves me implementing my own comments section, it does have some drawbacks. To comment, you need to have a facebook account, but doesn't everyone? Well the answer is NO! Not everyone wants to use it, but the majority of those I deal with, and those that might wander across this site, will probably come from Facebook. So while it's not Ideal, it's something! So for now it'll do the job!