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HFS Simple Blog 1 - What and Why?

A lot of folks are setting out on their journey to learn how to "program" websites using PHP.

One of the best ways to learn PHP is to create something basic, but useful.
So what better "thing" to create than a Very Simple Blog System, with a twist.

I have three motivations for doing this. These are more like questions I have, that need to be answered.

  1. Having used things like Wordpress and CodeIgniter and other frameworks which use a lot of code, could I write something super lightweight?
  2. Just how far could I take this in regards to the "features" of a full blown Blog that uses a much more complex script?
  3. And could I use it to both demonstrate and teach the basics of PHP?

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HFS Simple Blog 2 - The Folders and Files

So we need to take a look at the folder structure and what files we need to make this all work.

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HFS Simple Blog 3 - The Template

So now it's time to view the template

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This is the PHP Code Tutorial Page 1

Some stuff here

Ok, so this is just a mess around page at the moment. It will get a bit more serious soon.

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This is the Test Page

There is something in how this works

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