Back from the Wild

Yes, this site has been in limbo for a wee while due a number of reasons I won’t bore you to death with. BUT, it’s time to get back on the horse, so to speak.

The number one reason I have this blog and the major incentive of bringing it back, is to have a place where I can plonk all of my latest and greatest discoveries AND be able to come back and view them.

For the time being, it will mainly be for coding in PHP and Codeigniter 4 (which I am now loving). CodeIgniter 4 has a lot of potential headaches for folks coming from CodeIgniter 2 or 3. It’s a completely different beast and adheres to most parts, the latest PHP standards. Plus it’s been rewritten for PHP 7 AND it uses Namespaces. Namespaces use to put a “blank stare” on my face BUT now I’ve been playing in CI4, it all makes sense, finally.

Of course I am about to embark on the 3D Printing route as soon as that hits the doorstep ( about bleeding time ).

I’m also going to get back into the ole FoamBoard Planes ( See and discover the joys of it all )

And a whole bunch of other stuff…

As I love to write stuff down, writing stuff on my PC is nice but not as accessible as it should be. I mean, I forget where stuff is. So by putting it on here, I can share it with you and I can also come back and find how I did something in the past.

I use Google a whole bunch, so instead of my reading what others have done, and I am truly grateful to all the great content writers out there, you know who you are, I thought I’d add to the collective Knowledge Pot.

Plus I need to learn to write shorter sentences… Like this one.

So let’s get the show rolling. There’s lots of stuff to do, so I’ll stop flapping my fingers on here and get to some work.


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